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Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation, operating as SaskTel, is a Canadian crown-owned telecommunications firm based in the province of Saskatchewan. Owned by the provincial government, it provides wireline and wireless communications services, including landline telephone, mobile networks, broadband internet (including copper DSL, fiber to the home, and wireless broadband), IPTV, and security services.

SaskTel has a poor corporate culture, management salary is lower than the standard, there is no work-life balance, and poor career opportunities, according to a current employee at

"Poor career opportunities. Poor corporate culture. Management wages are lower than the industry standard. Zero work/life balance."


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Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Union does not represent employee's, top dog's do not care and think we are paid to much. Said to my face from A director."

Current Employee - Employee says

"Very uncertain future with the acting ceo doug Burnett a yes man to do government bidding - non technical and not a decisive leader - blows in wind for whatever suits his agenda best"

Former Employee - Senior Planner says

"Plenty, far too many to list here but the main one is upper management whom think they can bully people around. The company has a quota every year to rate people low on their PFE, which is a control tactic they use but they say it is for personal growth. Ya , personal growth........ok , I call it brain washing the employees and eventually making them into the little robots they like to have..............control.............control..............control. Then the famous corporate survey they have everyone fill out unanimously.........ya right what a farce that one is. Every time anyone fills out the survey, the computer they use, leaves a electronic signature that traces the survey back right to the person whom filled it out. Then if you tell the truth about things , issues that they want to ignore there are, they know who they can slam dunk , treat like crap, take their bonus away if they are in management, and once again , the control factors come out."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management systematically drives out talented employees. Relentless micromanaging of time discourages employees from doing quality work and costs the company more in the long run. By far the lowest morale of any company I've worked at."

Former Employee - Service Technician says

"Work like a dog You can't refuse to go to work if they call you, even though the day wasn't pre-scheduled. Well, actually you can refuse but just limited to a very few times a month. And for the busy season, they will call you almost every day! Casual part time position will work like a full time without full benefits....think about that! smart is SaskTel Need to keep up with your stat... If you fall behind, you will be in real trouble, lots of pressure. The manager is there to monitor you, and helps push your performance anyway he/she can!"

Former Employee - Market Research Analyst says

"Not challenging, Lax management, too much movement in some areas"

Manager says

"Lack of forward thinking, reactive, lack of follow through, slow to put process in place, lack of training and weak management."

Current Employee - Engineering Assistant says

"oppourtunities only inside saskatchewan. continuedvstaff level depletions"

Former Employee - Internet Support says

"Being on the help desk"


"Life work balance was not good. Promotions do not seem to be based on skills and abilities. Mangers are never held accountable for their wrongdoing (and there is a lot of it!)."

Business Solutions Agent (Current Employee) says

"When all that matters is stats and sales and not customers and a job well done, then you have to question what you are doing. There is no work life balance, only demands and unrealistic expectations."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"SaskTel hates its employees and wants to grind them into the dust. Low-level management in my experience was great, but anyone above that is just your standard corporate stooge who doesn't care about anyone. The jobs wants to chew you up, spit you out, and get rid of you as quickly as possible, because it's cheaper to hire noobies at the lower wage than to make the job decent for the skilled, experienced reps."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"This company is definitely a crown corporation with lots of oversight and tons of micromanaging. Senior management argue and use destructive criticism to try and put down other departments but offer no advice, vision or clear outcomes that need to be achieved. The pay and benefits are great but it comes at the cost of a culture where it is hard to get support, cooperation and help from fellow employees. I notice that it is a command and control management style so if you try to suggest an alternative to your manager, director or executive you get labelled as a road block and that you can't follow directions. I've read the other reviews for SaskTel and I'm not sure what departments those employees were working in. I can say this, if you're in-scope and you just go to work to put in your time and collect a pay cheque then you may like working here. I don't suggest taking an out of scope role since I've seen how the amount of time managers are required to work is continuing to increase due to under-resourcing in-scope positions.Pay and BenefitsCulture, command and control management, no vision"


"This used to be a great employer but they have really gone downhill. Demanding more and more of their employees while providing them with less and less. Great wage and benefits though and very accommodating to students but not to families."

Typist Manual Payroll (Former Employee) says

"enjoyed the different positions I filled there, very satisfying work, resigned eventually to stay home with children."

Customer Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Any training required was given. Defensive driving training, confined space training, respiratory fitting, technical phone training, color codes, connections, butt-in phone, diagnostics, ladder training, safety harness, violence on the job training (handled by a former RCMP Officer). On the job: When ever I called for help or assistance, senior personal responded, help was always a phone call a way! (for technical stuff like hard to run wire issues) anything need was easily gotten. I was always told I was doing good. That made me feel great.Working for a telephone corp.Not Being called back to work."

Senior Clerical Associate (Workforce Management) says

"SaskTel was a good place to gain experience, but they don't follow up on what they say they are going to do for you."

Test Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working there. The staff is really friendly easy to get along with. I loved that there were lots of room for growth within in the company, you can make your way up."

Former Employee says

"Worked over 3 decades. Use to be a teamwork attitude for the first 20 years. Turned in to a us versus them attitude/ Management vs union. Feel sorry for new employees in entry jobs, takes forever to be fulltime. Would not recommend this company anymore to anyone. Your just a number there."